2020 #SocksOfNIRSA Bracket

It’s the year of the sock in the NIRSA community! An 80+ entry field awaits in a winner-take-all single elimination bracket. The participants will rely on YOU to vote them through the bracket and into the winner’s circle.


We have 89 wonderful pairs of socks submitted by NIRSA Professionals and Students, and a few Friends of NIRSA as well. Thanks to a 6-person team of analysts and some algorithmic ranking, we have seeded the socks from 1-89 and placed them in a two-page 89-seed bracket. Beginning Thursday, 4/30, ANYONE can come to this page and start voting which pair of socks in the matchups featured are the better pair. As we eliminate socks, the matchups get more intense, much like the NCAA Tournament Brackets.


Our SELECTION THURSDAY show aired on Thursday, 4/23/2020, at 8:00pm EST. We received a surprise!!! A donor has agreed to donate $2 for every bracket submitted to the tournament, up to $500! This is monumental!!! So get those brackets in ASAP!


You can certainly submit a bracket without payment. There is no pressure! However, we have two prize packs: one for those who submit a free bracket, and one for those who donate and submit a bracket. If you find it in your heart to donate to the NIRSA Foundation, we will put your bracket into the donation pool which makes you eligible for the better prize pack! You can donate one of two ways:

1) Visit the NIRSA Foundation site and make a donation there. It can be to any part of the Foundation or scholarship. You should receive an automated receipt from NIRSA. Send that proof (scratch out the amount if you like) to the Socks Of NIRSA email.

2) Venmo your donation to @CU-IM with a note saying which part of the NIRSA Foundation to which you want to donate. If the donation does not have a note, it will go to the general fund. All donations will be recorded in a view-only Google Sheet for everyone to access to keep us honest and correct any mistakes in the ledger.

You can submit as many brackets as you want. If you donate, the suggested amount per bracket is $5. NOTE: If you are a NIRSA Pro/Student with a recurring monthly donation, it does not count. It needs to be a new donation.


The 2020 #SocksOfNIRSA Brackets are here! You have until Thursday, 4/30, 12:00pm EST to submit them to socksofnirsa@gmail.com. Don’t forget to include BOTH HALVES of the bracket, and the overall winner in the body of the email along with what percentage of the votes they’ll take for the tiebreaker.


Didn’t catch the selection show? Here are the rules and details of the contest!


Click on the matchups below to vote on which socks advance in our bracket! All links are up for 24 hours after posting!

5/18/2020 Matchups – Elite 8 – FINAL RESULTS
Ric Flair (58%) vs. Shark Attack!
Sock Divorce vs. Son of a Nutcracker (54%)
Corgi Butts (84%) vs. Weiner Dogs w/ Toppings
Bacon & Eggs vs. Great Mana-Team (65%)

5/20/2020 Matchups – Final 4 – FINAL RESULTS
Ric Flair vs. Son of a Nutcracker (54%)
Corgi Butts vs. Great Mana-Team (62%)

Son of a Nutcracker vs. Great Mana-Team

Your winner, with 77% of the vote:

Congratulations to Travis Lankford, our 2020 #SocksOfNIRSA winner! As per tradition, each judge will donate to the NIRSA Foundation, and Travis will name the scholarship/endowment to which the donation will go. The winners of the donation and free bracket entries will be announced once tabulation is complete!

Thank you to all those that participated, donated, and cheered on this event!

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